Glenway Distribution

Logistics, Warehousing, & Distribution

Glenway Distribution is New Jersey’s premier logistics, warehousing and distribution facility. We provide our clients with superior service to satisfy their transportation, storage and distribution needs.

Our competitive rates and excellent customer service guarantee our client’s merchandise is securely stored and professionally transported.


Centrally located in the New Jersey Turnpike’s 8A Business Corridor, Glenway’s warehousing facility is state-of-the-art with many environmentally-friendly  and energy-efficient features.

Glenway’s warehouse services include receivinginventory tracking and custom pallet/bulk storage systems.


Glenway offers a wide range of  customizable distribution services designed to ensure the timely distribution of your company’s merchandise.  Our services include pick-ups and deliveries, cross docking, local and nationwide trucking and drayage services, local, national and international shipping and receiving services, quality control, e-commerce fulfillment, and order fulfillment.

  • Cross Docking

    Cross Docking

  • Green Warehouse Initiatives

    Green Warehouse Initiatives

  • Pallet Bulk Storage

    Pallet Bulk Storage

  • Port Drayage Services

    Port Drayage Services

  • Trucking Distribution Services

    Trucking Distribution Services

  • Logistics

    Logistics & Warehousing

Glenway the Green Way

Saving Energy and Eco-friendly initiatives for our green 3PL facility.

Looking for a Logistics company in NJ?
Call 732-593-0010 x209
Looking for a Logistics company in NJ? Call 732-593-0010 x209

Value Added Services

Glenway also offers value-added services including pick-and-pack, product assembly, quality control inspections, inventory managementreturns processingGarments on Hangers (GOH), and management reporting.

Our superior service and attention to customer care solidifies us as the clear choice for your company’s logistics, warehouse and distribution needs.

Logistics, Warehousing and Distribution Services customized to satisfy your company’s needs.

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From Port  to Warehouse to Customer

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