Special Projects

Do you need to add an insert, change the carton count, or apply a label?

Our competitive rates will allow you to accomplish these functions in a timely and cost-effective manner.  In addition, our extensive experience and established professional contacts enable us to recommend improvements to your packaging to save additional time and money for your business.

All special project tasks are value added services that may be applied as needed or as a constant logistics service.

Tasks involve opening and closing the master carton and/or inner carton, making any/all adjustments to necessary product, and repacking accordingly. All in/out, storage and materials fees apply.


Bagging Services

Bagging, Folded Garment (Flip or Tape)

Bagging while on Hanger

Remove Poly Bag/ Work around Polybag

Check Assortment Breakdown

Repack New Assortment (pick and pack).

Carton Services

Change Carton Marking: Make a “pen and ink” change to the carton.

Re-label Carton: Place a new label on the carton.

Remove Carton Label: Remove an existing label from a carton, normally accomplished by scoring around the carton label and peeling it off along with the outer layer of the carton.

Build New Carton: This applies when we must repack items into a new carton.

Repack per Bundle/Pack: Remove bundles or packs, repack into cartons using the same or a different packing scheme.

Remove for Processing and Return to Carton: This applies when we cannot complete the task properly without removing the items from the cartons.

Hanger Services

Change Hanger: Remove old hanger, add new hanger.

Change Top/Bottom Hanger: Remove top and/or bottom hanger, replace with new hanger.

Hang Pant/Top/Set: Hang garments as required.

Remove from Hanger: Remove from hanger as indicated.

Pack Hangers: Hangers will be packed in cartons and saved for sale/reuse as designated.

Insert Services

Insert Flyer: Inserting a postcard type flyer loosely in carton.

Insert Placed to Display Into Vinyl Bag: Place cardboard/paper insert inside vinyl bag

Remove Display Insert From Vinyl Bag: Remove cardboard/paper insert from vinyl bag

Tagging & Quality Control Inspection Services

Apply Sticker: Apply sticker to garment or polybag.

Quality Control: Inspect garments as directed. Clear, measurable guidance must be provided.

Folding: Fold Garment as indicated.

Attach/Remove Size Indicator: Attach and/or remove size indicators from the hanger.

Attach/Remove Ticket: Attach and/or remove a bar-tacked ticket.

Printing/Labeling Merchandise
Product Assembly
Light Project Assembly
Shrink Wrap Services


Glenway’s service and attention to detail is second to none. They enthusiastically took on my large project on extremely short notice and delivered ahead of schedule.
~ D. Ashear, General Manger, Berkshire Fashions

From Port  to Warehouse to Customer

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