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Cross Docking – When There Is A Need For Speed


Our customer’s vendor was late in manufacturing their goods in China and shipping to the USA. Our customer’s retail client, “A Big Box Retailer,” insisted in receiving their product, 90,000 cartons, by the original agreed upon date despite the delay on the manufacturing end.

Glenway’s Cross Docking SOLUTION Implemented:

Glenway’s solution was to receive and unload the containers of floor-loaded cartons and enter the inventory into our WMS (Warehouse Management System). UPS labels were then created and sorted by zip codes to make sure UPS outbound is loaded according to region, which is normally done at UPS, NOT by Glenway Distribution. Each carton was then labeled and loaded on outbound UPS trailers according to region of destination, eliminating delays on the UPS end. Additionally, outbound products were shipped by region to ensure that cartons going to the furthest destination shipped first to account for distance in shipping.


Glenway Distribution helped our customer successfully meet the delivery deadline, avoiding cancellation of the “Big Box Retailer” order as well as avoid chargebacks. In 5 days time, 30 cartons per store were delivered to 3,000 which not only saved our customer’s reputation but saved them money from their ordinary distribution process.

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